Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mughal Garden Tent And Its Type

As I stated in my previous post that I will continued from Mughal Garden Tent And Its Type; so I am here to come with the same topic for providing the detailed knowledge of Mughal Garden Tent because when you go to buy or rent this tent then your focus will be very clear that which tent you should buy.

Classic Garden Tent :-In the round shape with top pointed roof this tent is generally available in series and because it is quite small in size so its installation and disassemble process is very easy.

Imperial Garden Tent :-In the light blue and white color canvases this tent id adorned with folded curtains and have conical roof; its upper part is made from white color of  marquee to provide better shelter to you.

Traditional Garden Tent :-In the hut shape we offer  this type of Mughal Tent in the white and light blue color of curtains which are stand by poles.Inside this tent beautiful accessories and  lantern is to be added to increase its elegance.

Aesthetic Garden Tent :-This Garden Tent is astonishing in look because of its artistic designing pattern and vibrant color combination.Its curtains are in red color and its its upper part canvas is colored in white color which are perfect color combination.

Fabulous Garden Tent :-In the cream color of Marquee which are made from high quality fabric that protect your party from harsh weather condition.Its border is also designed in the same color with some artistic print which enhance the beauty of Mughal Tents.

So, these are the sub category of Mughal Garden Tent; we have also more sub category nut we will describe our other category in our next post and till then you keep reading our blog. As the best Mughal Tent Manufacturer we are here to present you our Mughal Tent is cost effective range with its all affordability.

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