Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Garden Tent and Its appearance

Presenting Verities of Garden Tent which found under Mughal tent; that have quality features and elegant look. Mughal Tent as its sound like royalty; yes this tent when assemble in the garden it spread royal effect around itself. As you see in the picture that Garden Tent has so many types based on various color, designing pattern, shape and size.

I start with first Garden tent which are of pure cream color and have attractive border, this tent is count as a big tent, you can figure out this tent through the pic.

Move to the second one which are in round shape with blue and white folded curtains and top pointed roof, one thing is here you should know about our tent is you can change our tent’s color according to your choice and need.

The third one is combo of pink and white color of best quality of curtains and has beautiful canvas design based on latest designing pattern.

Stand in Fourth no. a large tent; perfectly suited for huge gathering and protect your party from rough weather. When the various colors are mix with each other than an unmatched beauty is unfold which comes to this tent. Fifth one tent is nicely designed and decorated with accessories also.

The last two tents Garden Tent are same as previous tent all tent has almost same as its feature but it slightly different from each other.

Give your View about this Garden Tent which found under Mughal Tent

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