Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Glory of Mughal Tents

Wonder of mughal tents seems by its name. We explored for something different but conventional, and that is how we became motivated by the Mughal design styles. From the very first occasion we organized in one of our tents, we realized we could provide a completely different item from what is generally available, and we became enthusiastic about our fabric marquees and offering others with a top quality and exclusive option for their own festivities. Although we initially marketed ourselves in Delhi, Rajasthan and in India, we now travel all over the world.

This marquee is based of perfect creative and developing tactics. Mughal tents make by the best artisans. These tents are walled by a representational rampart of canvas and identifies by the styles, designs, dimensions and printed material. The design of the Indian mughal garden tent has been magnificently emphasized providing it and amazing look. Special whitening results increase the appeal of the canopy. These tents are in rectangle shape so the looks are simply outstanding. This elegant tent is exclusively suitable  semi- permanent for Mughal hotel resorts or event.

Moreover to the canopy themselves, we also supply to provide flooring surfaces, carpets, platforms like table, sofa seats and lighting style to help you accomplish the location of your venues.See below for a movie of how these awesome camp tents go up.

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